Today in Family History

Today in Family History

The End of Summer and the Beginning of Something New . . .

by Timothy Klitz on 08/30/17

The end of August and the beginning of September is a very busy time for our family history, especially for the Klitz side of the family.  Our Klitz ancestors emigrated 148 years ago this month to start a new life in America. 

Labor Day Weekend is the traditional weekend when we celebrate our Klitz Family reunion and remember all those who came before us and made all that we have possible. 

To commemorate these events and remember those who came before us, here is a list of the final resting places of our ancestors from all four families who emigrated to the United States.  While some information is still missing, most of the  information is present and correct.  You can also see a visual representation of this list by visiting this google map -

The Klitz Family

Johann Herman Bernard Klitz (Barney Sr.) - St. Charles Cemetery, St. Charles, NE (most likely)

Elizabeth Pieper Klitz Mieckmann - Sacred Heart Cemetery, Olean, NE

Bernard Heinrich Klitz and Florence Krausen - St. Joseph's Cemetery, Dodge, NE

Johan Engelbert Klitz and Angela Kluthe - Sacred Heart Cemetery, Olean, NE

Herman Bernard Klitz (Barney Jr.) - St. Mary's Cemetery, Osmond, NE

Anna Klitz Becker and Hubert Becker - St. Mary's Cemetery, Osmond, NE

Elizabeth Klitz Sellhorst and Joseph Sellhorst - St. Joseph's Cemetery, Dodge, NE

Engelbert Klitz and Clara Segbers Klitz - St. John's German Cemetery, Cincinnati, OH

Heinrich Klitz, Theresia Klitz, Elisabeth Klitz, and Josephus Klitz - St. John's German Cemetery, Cincinnati, OH

Henry Klitz - St. John's German Cemetery, Cincinnati, OH

Franz Bernard Schragge and Katheria Eikmeier - Sacred Heart Cemetery, Olean, NE

Mary Charlotte Kaup Grovijohn - St. Charles' Cemetery, St. Charles, NE

The Kaup Family

Herman Matthew Kaup Pauljurgen - St. Boniface's Cemetery, Monterey, NE

Aloysius Herman Kaup and Sophia Scharfen - St. Boniface's Cemetery, Stuart, NE

Rev. Joseph Kaup - St. Mary's Cemetery, Renauly, IL

Justina Maria Kinemann - New Vienna, IA

Mary Charlotte Kaup - St. Charles' Cemetery, St. Charles, NE

Johann Joseph Kaup - St. Boniface's Cemetery, Monterey, NE

Elizabeth Catherine Fischer - St. Charles' Cemetery, St. Charles, NE

The Knowlton Family

William Dippert - Woodland Cemetery, Des Moines, IA

William Knowlton - Ipswich, MA

Francois  Konen and Katherine Haack - Holy Cross Cemetery, Mendota, IL

Heinrich Wilhelm Reihmann and Christiana Caroline Erler - Middle Amana Cemetery, Middle Amana, IA

Peter Konen and Alvin Rehmann - Murdoch-Linwood Cemetery, Cedar Rapids, IA

The O'Donnell Family

William O'Donnell and Mary Adel - St. Patrick's Cemetery, Benton, WI

John O'Donnell and Mary Rooney - St. Patrick's Cemetery, Benton, WI

This Week in Family History - August 14-21

by Timothy Klitz on 08/14/17

This Week’s submission expands the families to include the other 3 main families on this website – the Kaup Family, the Knowlton Family and the O’Donnell Family.


The Klitz Family:


This week in 1781, Johan Josef Kluten died.  Johan was the great-grandfather of Angela Kluthe Grovijohn, who married Johan Engelbert Klitz.


In 1915, in Dodge, Nebraska, Angela Marie Klitz, was born.  Angela was the daughter of Henry Bernard Klitz.



The Kaup Family:


This week in 1759, Johannes Kaup was born in the town of Brenken, Westfalen.  Johannes was the 2nd great-grandfather of Gertrude Rita Kaup Klitz. 



The Knowlton Family:


This week in 1889, Emma R. Dippert Minor was born in Des Moines, Iowa.  Emma was the sister of Dale Dippert who, through adoption became Dale Gustav Knowlton.


In 1776, Lucy Knowlton Knight died this week.  Lucy was the 5th great aunt of Richard Charles Knowlton.



The O’Donnell Family:


This week in 1889, Edith Garafelia Cole O’Donnell was born in Lime Springs, Iowa.  Edith was the mother of Anne Regina O’Donnell Knowlton.


Carloman, Prince of France, died this week in 775.  Carloman was the son of Charles “The Hammer” Martel, brother to Pepin “The Short” and uncle to Emperor Charlemagne.


A New Feature - What do we know about our family?

by Timothy Klitz on 08/09/17

There are a little less than two years until the 150th Anniversary of the Nebraska Klitzes arriving in America.  In the build-up to the Reunion, we will share facts and memories about our ancestors.  This blog will hopefully continue after the Reunion and in the meantime, please feel free to contribute to our shared memories.  (Please limit information to those who were born before 1920.)

This week in 1878 (August 6), Heinrich Klitz died in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Heinrich was eldest child of Englebert and Clara Klitz.  Heinrich was the first Klitz to emigrate to the United States in 1847, most likely entering the U.S. in Baltimore before making his way to Cincinnati.  The rest of his family followed in 1849. 

This week in 1936 (August 10) Elizabeth Klitz Wissman died in Cincinnati.  Elizabeth was the daughter of Heinrich Klitz (above) and Elizabeth Himmelgarn.  Elizabeth Klitz married John Wissman in 1884.  She was the last Klitz in Cincinnati.  The Wissman family still lives in the  Cincinnati area.